Trickle-Down Managerialism – AAUP article by our former grievance officer, J-Paul Narkunas

J-Paul Narkunas. (2020). Trickle-Down Managerialism: Accountable Faculty in the Financialized University of Managers.  Journal of Academic Freedom, volume 11.

From the abstract:  “Trickle-down economics offers the promise that wealth will eventually flow to all sectors of society. I argue that rather than wealth, managerial processes and actuarial practices driven by finance and by big data firms have been trickling down and reorganizing higher education—what I call “trickle-down managerialism…..

When we asked Paul if we might share his Trickle-Down article, he suggested we also consider sharing a piece created by Wavy the Bear, Kingsborough Community College Senior Stuffed Brand Ambassador. And here it is:

Wavy the Bear. (2020).  Afterword: Can the managerial technique speak?    Journal of Academic Freedom, volume 11.