PSC Contract Priorities Survey – look out for email

Dear Colleagues;   Please make sure to fill out the PSC Contract Priorities Survey; it is important to weigh in on the contract negotiations which will commence when our current contract ends in February.  The survey closes Friday 6/24.  Please find your individual link that was sent to you by PSC2334b at on May 11 and May 23.  Please do fill out the survey entirely.  Quite a few John Jay faculty and staff started, but did not finished the survey.  If that includes you, you may bring it up by typing survey monkey as the web address in the browser you used, but following the original link in your email will do the trick, too.


Chair changes, and Alternate Delegates elections

Dear John Jay Chapter,  [from Zabby Hovey]

I must tell you that John Pittman resigned on Monday, June 2 as my Co-Chair (and the John Jay Chapter’s nominal Chair), but I am happy to report that this was his thoughtful treatment of a sabbatical year which will start imminently.   John continues to serve on two union-wide committees, but will not be chair or co-chair for the last year or our slate’s 3-year term.

       On Thursday, the PSC Elections Committee recognized me, then the nominal Vice Chair, as the acting Chapter Chair and recognized that the chapter had a new vacancy at Vice Chair.   On Friday your chapter Executive Committee* voted by acclamation to elect Nivedita Majumdar as Vice Chair.   The Executive Committee proceeded to direct us, as we also desired, to serve as co-chairs, sharing power and responsibility equally as we serve this chapter throughout the coming year.
       For those of you who are not aware, before Nivedita served the whole union as the PSC Secretary for several years, she and John Pittman originated the co-chair approach to chapter leadership.  When the PSC Elections Committee meets this week, we expect it will certify Nivedita’s election to Vice-Chair, acting as chapter Co-Chair.  Of course, I am pleased to again share chair responsibilities with someone with proven dedication to our chapter and union.

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New contract bargaining

Dear Colleagues —   Hopefully you’ve had a chance to catch a breath during the ‘spring break’ week; may the sprint to the ‘finish line,’ through the last three weeks of classes begin!  Once this semester ends, only the regular Fall ’22 semester stands between us here, now, and the end of our current PSC-CUNY contract, which ends on the last day of February, 2023.
You might think, ‘well, that’s still a ways off!’ but time has a way of catching up with folks.  So we need to start thinking and planning for the bargaining for and winning a good new contract NOW.  What should the PSC’s priorities be?  What are the most important needs and demands for each of the many job categories covered by a PSC-CUNY contract: Faculty, both full-time and part-time; HEOs (Higher Education Officers); CLTs (College Laboratory Technicians); NTAs (Non-teaching Adjuncts), …?  Our strength will come from understanding.
We invite you to come to a conversation, sponsored by our chapter’s Campus Action Team, about what the key issues are that you would like to see addressed in the next contract. Come one, come all, and join the conversation!   Apr 27, 2022 01:30 PM, via Zoom.  Please see your email for the Zoom information.
John Pittman & Zabby Hovey, co-chairs

For a safe campus environment and an invitation to an open discussion

people marching in line holding signs

Does the picture of PSC marchers, as far as the eye could see, approaching the Brooklyn Bridge, convey how exhilarating Sunday was? It felt like thousands of us going over that span.  Thanks to all who participated, understanding that  “the union is us.“  Such a show of strength and unity may help persuade the legislature to that full funding now is essential for student success and a thriving CUNY in the future.

Meanwhile, as you know, the chancellor had ended the mask mandate for the university as a whole. Attached please find our letter to Provost Yi Li, noting that the chancellor’s abrupt change to our working conditions risks endangering some, and places the onus on those at risk.  We are encouraged by Yi’s response (also attached), that faculty can set a mask standards in their classrooms.  The college has ordered 10,000 masks, which are available at the college entrances. Supporting widespread mask-wearing helps ensure the safety of our workplaces and strengthens our community, fully including those who are still at risk.

Please join us this Friday at 1 o’clock, when our joint zoom forum with Baruch College will introduce three of the PSC committees that are engaged with social justice issues. Come hear Nancy Romer of the Environmental Justice Working Group, Lawrence Johnson, chair of the Anti-Racism Committee, and Jonathan Buchsbaum of the International Committee describe the vital work of their respective committees.  That work contributed to the PSC resolution of solidarity with Palestine last June. This forum will include an open mic for PSC members to share their views on that resolution. Finally, PSC President James Davis will comment, and present the recent changes to our union’s resolution process. Please check your email for the link to register.

Finally, we hope to see you in early April at our next Chapter meeting, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, April 5th.

Zabby & John