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From the Chairs: our next Chapter meeting, & plight of La Guardia writing center adjuncts

Dear John Jay Colleagues,  Please join with us to get informed about Covid preparations, class size and fighting for our future, at our Chapter meeting — 1:40-2:55pm on Thursday, November 19.  Register here.  UPDATE:  Finalized agenda is here.

This is our rare time to deepen our connection to one another as educators and workers in dramatically challenging times.  On the agenda is: Continue reading

From the Chairs: Moment of truth

Dear Colleagues,
If you haven’t voted already, please make sure you vote for the Biden/ Harris ticket on the Working Families Party (WFP) line (row D in NYS).  The WFP is a grass-roots, ‘fusion’ party that aims to run progressive candidates for local office AND push the Democratic Party to the left by mobilizing support for a progressive, pro-labor electoral agenda while helping to defeat the most reactionary political forces. The WFP — because of recent attempts in Albany to kill it — must mobilize a significant showing in tomorrow’s general election to retain its ballot status.  Your vote for Biden/Harris on the WFP line will count as a vote to ‘dump Trump’ while also strengthening the prospects for independent progressive politics in New York State.  

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Chapter updates 9/29/2020

Dear Colleagues,

These times provide many issues for updates.  We want you to glimpse all we have here, with fuller details below.

  1.  Join in the training tomorrow (9/30) about our contract  and grievance procedure.
  2.  We’re confronting safety needs on our campus – the John Jay Health and Safety Committee meeting on Friday, 10/2, 12:30-1:30.
  3. J. Paul Narkunas, long-time member of our chapter Executive Committee, presents a compelling and enraging analysis of our academic labor situation, on “trickle down managerialism,” in the AAUP’s Journal of Academic Freedom.
  4. Looming Oct. 9 Voter Registration Deadline compels sharing voting information with your students, including a Spanish-language version.
  5.  The strike authorization vote at Hunter College High School secured filters and independently verified working conditions by today’s deadline.

Don’t miss the Know Your Contract event: Continue reading

Trickle-Down Managerialism – AAUP article by our former grievance officer, J-Paul Narkunas

J-Paul Narkunas. (2020). Trickle-Down Managerialism: Accountable Faculty in the Financialized University of Managers.  Journal of Academic Freedom, volume 11.

From the abstract:  “Trickle-down economics offers the promise that wealth will eventually flow to all sectors of society. I argue that rather than wealth, managerial processes and actuarial practices driven by finance and by big data firms have been trickling down and reorganizing higher education—what I call “trickle-down managerialism…..

When we asked Paul if we might share his Trickle-Down article, he suggested we also consider sharing a piece created by Wavy the Bear, Kingsborough Community College Senior Stuffed Brand Ambassador. And here it is:

Wavy the Bear. (2020).  Afterword: Can the managerial technique speak?    Journal of Academic Freedom, volume 11.


Information for New York voters regarding the November 3, 2020 General Election

[Reproduced with permission from Environmental Education Fund,  The original site has an automated Google translation option, into many languages including Spanish]


October 9: Last day to register to vote. It can be done online, in person, or envelope postmarked.
October 27: Last day to postmark application for absentee ballot.
November 2: Last day to apply in person for absentee ballot.
November 3: Last day to postmark absentee ballot.
November 3: Last day to deliver absentee ballot in person at board of elections.

The Easiest Way to Vote in New York in the Nov 3, 2020 General Election

Register to vote by October 9.
Apply for an Absentee Ballot, fill it out, and mail it to your County Board of Elections or drop it off in person during early voting.

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