Welcome to the John Jay College Chapter of the PSC

Thursday, June 11, 2020.

Dear John Jay Colleagues,
Today is the first day of the rest of our summer of struggle, despite how much we all want to just recover from our most difficult semester, ever.  We need to show our strength and solidarity in the next 4 days – fortunately, these are meaningful requests. To stop the threat of job loss for adjuncts and staff, tomorrow, Fri., (6/12) at noon, register now to join in as the PSC holds an important zoom press conference.  Legislators and elected officials are signing on to the attached letter demanding our continuous employment, in support of our students.  We all need to be in attendance.  Many adjuncts have been cut entirely, or told that they cannot teach their economically essential 3rd course.  Your virtual presence will show you know this is the wrong choice.  Show up virtually to witness the press event so that these deciders in the fight for full funding of CUNY will get a clear message that we all know how important it is to increase taxes for people earning over $1/2 million.  All who can, need to come, to inspire the holders of our state’s purse strings.  We need you, your friends, family, your students, your neighbors, anyone who cares for New York economic recovery and the future of double ravaged communities we serve.   Secondly, we have to build our chapter strength through informed one-on-one conversations, as soon as possible. These will empower us stand up together and insist on negotiated, verified safety protocols before any return to campus.  John Jay activists like you, yes you, will learn the talking points and key steps by coming to the remote organizing conversation training Mon., June15th (12:30p).  The session will be between 60 and 90 minutes long.  Our unity comes from our shared connections. Our chapter meeting is next Thu. 6/18 at 12:30.  We will be describing the union’s biggest June demonstration, Tues. 6/23 – standing up (safely) against layoffs. Read the latest testimony about what is at stake, New York needs to “find the political will” to preserve CUNY for its empowering of people of color to escape poverty.  Our colleague at Queens College, Natalie Bump Vena, wrote  this Daily News piece.  Don’t forget our own Susan Kang’s detailed account of how overdue we are for fair, increased taxes on the wealthiest. Save these dates for further actions:  Sat., July 18 — PSC wide-car caravan or other physically distant protest action; Wed., Aug 26 — CUNY-wide protest action (first day of F20 classes.) In solidarity,

Zabby Hovey, Co-chair, John Jay Chapter