From the Chairs, 18th September 2020. Members, we need your input!

Greetings, colleagues — we know you’re plenty busy, but … we need your input, and invite your activism and participation!  Below, you’ll find details on the following PSC chapter and CUNY-wide events and opportunities:

  • Our first chapter meeting is on Monday the 21st, at 1:40-2:55pm;
  •     Tell Cuomo instantly: it’s time to tax the rich to save CUNY and address the crisis in NYS;
  • Give testimony for an upcoming hearing on the Online Learning Training – unfair time & enrollment demands, and inadequate pay;
  •   This month only, get affordable catastrophic medical insurance for yourself & your family;
  • Speak out about the consequences of over-stuffed classes for an upcoming Clarion piece;
  • Learn about the PSC-CUNY contract & the grievance process  (Wednesday, Sept. 30th).

  1. The first fall semester Chapter meeting:  Our John Jay PSC Chapter zoom-meeting on Monday, September 21stwill follow up on your issues and point to PSC members’ political impact.  Register in advance:  You will receive a link in response.
  2. Write to Cuomo:  There are some indications that, after months of blocking any discussion of a ‘billionaires’ tax,’ there may now be an opportunity in Albany for serious consideration of this proposal. NOW is the time for you to send a letter to the governor calling for his leadership to assure the funding of public higher education in New York State.  You can send your letter here: fight to save CUNY critically depends on full funding of our work as faculty and professional staff, and of the opportunities we provide our students, the ‘children of the whole people’ of the city.
  3. A CUNY-wide grievance hearing is planned on proper compensation for Online Teacher Training (OLTT):   The PSC is preparing for a hearing on inadequate compensation for OLTT offered during Spring 2020 and over the summer.  The CUNY hearing will be conducted remotely and has not yet been scheduled. When the hearing date is set, we believe your experience with the OLTT offered will be helpful as testimony.

If you are willing to participate as a witness, we ask that you provide a brief statement regarding any of the following that apply:

  • Supervisory pressure to participate in OLTT.
  • Actual hours or logged hours it took compared to the number of paid hours for OLTT.
  • Compensation criteria for OLTT including 85/100 test scores.
  • Unpaid portions of OLTT.
  • OLTT  “required” for getting Fall 2020 classes.
  • Which specific supervisor indicated you must take OLTT.
  • Payment at Non-Teaching Adjunct rate.
  • Unique situation of OLTT in your department or College.

We will then take your written statement and convert it into a Q and A script for you to follow during your testimony at the CUNY hearing. Thank you again for your assistance in preparing in this CUNY-wide grievance.  Write to Ruben Rangel  <>

  1. Catastrophe Major Medical (CMM) Plan:  A limited open enrollment period for the New York State United Teachers Catastrophe Major Medical (CMM) Plan is in effect from September 1, 2020 – September 30, 2020, for coverage effective January 1, 2021. Full-time Active and Adjunct members (dues-payers) of the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) who reside in New York state are eligible to take advantage of this offer.In addition, current CMM Plan participants may want to add eligible family members who are not currently enrolled in the CMM Plan. For plan details, premium rates and online enrollment, click here: NYSUT Member Benefits CMM  NYSUT Member Benefits:, 800-626-8101
  2. The Clarion is collecting first-hand accounts (about 300 words) on how increased class size beyond previous class size caps has increased members’ workload, especially while teaching remotely. How have class size increases affected your daily regimen of class preparation, teaching, grading, handling student questions, etc.? If you want to add your testimony, you can write to Shomial AhmadClarion‘s Associate Editor,    Time sensitive: If you do have something to contribute, do it soon!
  3. Introduction to the PSC-CUNY contract and contract enforcement: One of the key functions of the union is to address violations of the contract and address unfair working conditions through the contract enforcement or grievance process. On Wednesday, September 30th we’re offering a crash course introducing the major provisions of the CUNY-PSC contract and the enforcement mechanisms for challenging unfair supervisory expectations and/or conditions of work.  Emma Powell, on staff in the contract enforcement department of the PSC, will lead the discussion.  Join us with this link  

John Pittman.