Free the Funds: Let’s push CUNY to release the $54.7 million in Federal funding

Dear Colleagues,

Act this week to ‘Free the Funds’: Let’s push CUNY to release the $54.7 million in Federal funding that has been earmarked for John Jay to support the college’s mission. This institutional aid – almost $900 million for CUNY colleges altogether – has disappeared into CUNY’s maw; the Chancellor has yet to provide the funds to the colleges, or any indication of how they will be used.  Some of us have already sent a letter to the Chancellor calling for the release of the funds; you can do so here: .

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 20th, the PSC is holding a Town Hall on Safe Reopening – beginning at 6:30 PM.  This presentation by the PSC Health & Safety Watchdogs will include a discussion of the PSC’s Standards for safe reopening. Sign up for this event at  For your students with vaccine questions or hesitancy, this video introduces nationally-accessible sessions where they and their families can confer with virologists directly.

Mayor de Blasio’s budget cuts $77 million from community college budgets at a time of desperate need for more mental health counseling and academic advising.  Register here to join the PSC, CUNY Rising and NYC Council Members at a Virtual Rally to Stop the Mayor’s Cuts to CUNY. It’s this Friday, May 21 at 10:30 AM, right before the City Council’s Budget hearing.

Correction: In our email of March 26th, we mistakenly used the word ‘exonerated’ with respect to the late Prof. Barry Spunt, which did not belong in that context. The administration dropped its unfortunate disciplinary charges, the only ones against him, before his death.  While acknowledging that this episode is a contentious issue among the department’s faculty, we mourn Prof. Spunt’s passing.

In solidarity, 

Zabby Hovey and John Pittman

Co-Chairs John Jay Chapter, PSC