Coming – Albany, Health Care, chapter meeting

Colleagues,   We share with you news about two upcoming PSC actions.  First we have a direct message from Susan Kang, our colleague and member of the PSC Executive Council.  Below that are announcements for several other PSC and chapter events.

Dear John Jay Community,

As you may have heard from our PSC President, James Davis, the New York State Assembly and Senate have come out with their One House Budgets, which are key bargaining tools that the leaders of each chamber use when negotiating the final state budget with the governor this month.  The final New York State budget is due on April 1st, and we are looking at one of the most favorable budgets in many years (perhaps the best one in my time here at John Jay College, since 2008).  This budget includes close to an additional $500 million dollars for CUNY, including $153 million earmarked for the hiring of new staff.  Check out this City and State article for more details.
This favorable budget proposal is the result of your hard work!  Thank you to all who have emailed, called, and met with your legislators, participated in our Legislative Committee’s hard work, and voted for PSC endorsed candidates in elections.  
We are in the final rounds before the state budget comes out, and we are asking for your help!  It’s a busy time of the semester, but if you can possibly make it work, please please please come to Albany Wednesday March 23rd!  Please share with your students too! We need as many PSC members and students as possible running around the capital wearing red! 
Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions.  (Most of the details are being ironed out at the moment, but likely the bus to Albany will leave lower Manhattan early Wednesday morning).
Susan Kang
Associate Professor of Political Science, John Jay College
Senior College Officer
PSC CUNY Executive Committee
Also: There will be a forum on the healthcare crisis this coming Thursday –tomorrow!– from 5 to 6 PM:
WHITHER HEALTHCARE?  How the healthcare crisis impacts our union and the CUNY community          sponsored by the PSC Task Force on Health Care Reform, Thursday, March 17, 5-6pm via Zoom (see link below).

The fight for quality, affordable healthcare for all continues. Join us as we learn together – in-service and retiree members – and prepare to act on behalf of healthcare as a right and a public good.

Labor’s historic relation to healthcare, presented by Josh Freeman, Emeritus Distinguished Professor of History at Queens and the Grad Center.

The Paths Not Taken: Alternatives to the privatized, for-profit health insurance foisted on public service retirees presented by Barbara Caress, who teaches health policy at Sarah Lawrence and Baruch;

Health Insurance & Well-Being: The impact of available insurance options on the health and well-being of working class NY and particularly on CUNY students, presented by Naomi Zewde, Assistant Professor at the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute.

All PSC members are welcome.

Check your email for the Zoom link!

(Here is a link to a video of the first program in this series held in December)

And please make a note of our next John Jay Chapter meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, April 5th during common hour.  And because our next John Jay PSC meeting is nearly a month away, and there is still a lot going on, we’re also trying something new – Bring your own snack and drop-in:  What’s on your mind, hosted by the John Jay PSC. Check your email for the Zoom link!


John & Zabby