Chair changes, and Alternate Delegates elections

Dear John Jay Chapter,  [from Zabby Hovey]

I must tell you that John Pittman resigned on Monday, June 2 as my Co-Chair (and the John Jay Chapter’s nominal Chair), but I am happy to report that this was his thoughtful treatment of a sabbatical year which will start imminently.   John continues to serve on two union-wide committees, but will not be chair or co-chair for the last year or our slate’s 3-year term.

       On Thursday, the PSC Elections Committee recognized me, then the nominal Vice Chair, as the acting Chapter Chair and recognized that the chapter had a new vacancy at Vice Chair.   On Friday your chapter Executive Committee* voted by acclamation to elect Nivedita Majumdar as Vice Chair.   The Executive Committee proceeded to direct us, as we also desired, to serve as co-chairs, sharing power and responsibility equally as we serve this chapter throughout the coming year.
       For those of you who are not aware, before Nivedita served the whole union as the PSC Secretary for several years, she and John Pittman originated the co-chair approach to chapter leadership.  When the PSC Elections Committee meets this week, we expect it will certify Nivedita’s election to Vice-Chair, acting as chapter Co-Chair.  Of course, I am pleased to again share chair responsibilities with someone with proven dedication to our chapter and union.

       Elections are not over, this is where you come in.
       There are two currently two vacancies among the chapter’s Alternate Delegates.  Alternate delegates are elected by the chapter as a whole, in a duly notified meeting, if the nominations are uncontested, and by mail if there are more nominees than vacancies.   We have had a vacancy for some time but our Delegate Assembly attendance has been good and we have infrequently used one of our 5 alternate delegates.  John’s resignation as an ex officio delegate means that one Alternate will become a full delegate to take his place, making two vacancies among Alternates.  Another chapter delegate’s scheduled sabbatical is among the reasons we may have a resignation soon and a 3rd Alternate Delegate vacancy.
        We prefer that new Alternate Delegates have the opportunity to take part in orientations that will shortly take place for new delegates whose election to 3 year terms at 1/3 of the PSC’s chapters will shortly be authorized.
Therefore, Next Monday, May 16 at 2 pm, we will convene by Zoom in a meeting to receive nominations for the positions of Alternate Delegates.  To help confirm that only bona fide members are present to nominate and run, we are requiring both registration and verification to attend the 5/16 meeting, which means signing on when you come via your John Jay email address.  Please see your email for registration link.  Register by giving your jjay email address.
      Again, voting on the nominations received will move forward only if the positions are uncontested.  The meeting is expected to be brief.
        Nominees need to be members affiliated with the John Jay Chapter for at least a year and agree voluntarily to run and serve.  (If an individual notifies me in advance by confirmed email as to their interest, they may be nominated in absentia.) (I recommend alerting me also at the phone number below.)
         I am happy to describe the position of alternate delegate, which I had in 2016.  Contact me or any current delegate or alternate.
         That is the major news, but we are also planning to have another John Jay Chapter CAT meeting on Wednesday to discuss contract priorities in the coming campaign.  Please see your email for registration information.
         In addition all PSC members will shortly receive their own personal survey to designate their priorities for the coming contract campaign.  (This mail is going out to all workers at John Jay who are represented by the PSC, including those who may not have signed a membership card.  You are not a member if you are not paying dues.) The survey access will be restricted to members only.
In Solidarity,
Zabby Hovey, Chapter Chair (Co-Chair pending ratification)