About us

John Jay College PSC Officers, Executive Committee, and Department Representatives (as of June 16, 2022).

Chapter Co-Chair, ex officio delegate: Elizabeth (“Zabby”) Hovey, History

Chapter Co-Chair: Nivedita Majumdar, English (elected by the EC 5/6/22)

Grievance Counselor:  Vacant


PSC HEO Cross Campus Co-Chairs: Rulisa Galloway-Perry and Janet Winter (also HEO Liaisons, Delegates and PSC Executive Council member)

Adjunct liaison: Jeremiah Perez-Torres

CLT Liaison: Pia Austria

Representatives to the Welfare Fund Advisory Council:Dan Pinello, Political Science; Holly Clarke, public management


Delegates to the Delegate Assembly:

Susan Kang, Political Science

Nivedita Majumdar, English

Jerry Markowitz, Interdisciplinary Studies

Jayne Mooney, Sociology

Paul Narkunas, English

Ellen Sexton, Library

Jonathan Epstein, History

Sandra Swenson, Sciences

Jay Gates, English

Alternate Delegates:

Andrea Balis, History

Robert McCrie, Security, Fire & Emergency Management

Genevieve LaForge, Philosophy

John Pittman, Philosophy

Nathan Newman, Criminal Justice

Kenn Vance, Political Science


Toy-Tung Fung, English

Genevieve LaForge, Philosophy

Jeremiah Perez-Torres, Sociology

Roger Szajngarten, Economics

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ All elected positions in the chapter above this line (chairs, delegates alternate delegates and representatives to the Welfare Fund) constitute the Executive Committee for the John Jay College Faculty Chapter ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Additional HEO Delegate: Shakia Brown

PSC Staff Organizer:  Janet Kwon


Department Representatives:

Africana Studies: Rulisa Galloway-Perry

Athletics: vacant

Anthropology: Patricia Tovar

Art & Music: Ben Lapidus

Communication & Theater Arts: Vacant

Counseling & Human Services: Vacant

Criminal Justice: Marcia Esparza, Nathan Newman

Economics: Christian Parenti

English: Paul Narkunas, Nivedita Majumdar, Toy-Tung Fung

Health & Physical Education: Mark Francis

History: Jonathan Epstein, Zabby Hovey, Andrea Balis

Interdisciplinary Studies: Jerry Markowitz

Latin American & Latina/o Studies: Suzanne Oboler

Law & Police Science: Heath Grant

Library: Ellen Belcher, Ellen Sexton

Mathematics & Computer Science: Aftab Ahmad

Modern Languages & Literature: Vicente Lecuna

Philosophy: John Pittman, Genevieve LaForge

Political Science: Susan Kang, Dan Pinello, Kenn Vance

Psychology: Charles Stone

Public Management: Holly Clarke, Peter Mameli

Sciences: Sandra Swenson

Security, Fire & Emergency Management: Robert McCrie

SEEK:  Vacant

Sociology: Jayne Mooney