About us

John Jay College PSC Officers, Executive Committee, and Department Representatives (as of June 16, 2022).

Chapter Co-Chair, ex officio delegate: Elizabeth (“Zabby”) Hovey, History

Chapter Co-Chair: Nivedita Majumdar, English (elected by the EC 5/6/22)

Grievance Counselor:  Vacant


PSC HEO Cross Campus Co-Chairs: Rulisa Galloway-Perry and Janet Winter (also HEO Liaisons, Delegates and PSC Executive Council member)

Adjunct liaison: Jeremiah Perez-Torres

CLT Liaison: Pia Austria

Representatives to the Welfare Fund Advisory Council:Dan Pinello, Political Science; Holly Clarke, public management


Delegates to the Delegate Assembly:

Susan Kang, Political Science

Nivedita Majumdar, English

Jerry Markowitz, Interdisciplinary Studies

Jayne Mooney, Sociology

Paul Narkunas, English

Jonathan Epstein, History

Sandra Swenson, Sciences

Jay Gates, English

Alternate Delegates:

Andrea Balis, History

Robert McCrie, Security, Fire & Emergency Management

Genevieve LaForge, Philosophy

John Pittman, Philosophy

Nathan Newman, Criminal Justice

Kenn Vance, Political Science


Toy-Tung Fung, English

Genevieve LaForge, Philosophy

Jeremiah Perez-Torres, Sociology

Roger Szajngarten, Economics

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ All elected positions in the chapter above this line (chairs, delegates alternate delegates and representatives to the Welfare Fund) constitute the Executive Committee for the John Jay College Faculty Chapter ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Additional HEO Delegate: Shakia Brown

PSC Staff Organizer:  Janet Kwon


Department Representatives:

Africana Studies: Rulisa Galloway-Perry

Athletics: vacant

Anthropology: Patricia Tovar

Art & Music: Ben Lapidus

Communication & Theater Arts: Vacant

Counseling & Human Services: Vacant

Criminal Justice: Marcia Esparza, Nathan Newman

Economics: Christian Parenti

English: Paul Narkunas, Nivedita Majumdar, Toy-Tung Fung

Health & Physical Education: Mark Francis

History: Jonathan Epstein, Zabby Hovey, Andrea Balis

Interdisciplinary Studies: Jerry Markowitz

Latin American & Latina/o Studies: Suzanne Oboler

Law & Police Science: Heath Grant

Library: Ellen Belcher, Ellen Sexton

Mathematics & Computer Science: Aftab Ahmad

Modern Languages & Literature: Vicente Lecuna

Philosophy: John Pittman, Genevieve LaForge

Political Science: Susan Kang, Dan Pinello, Kenn Vance

Psychology: Charles Stone

Public Management: Holly Clarke, Peter Mameli

Sciences: Sandra Swenson

Security, Fire & Emergency Management: Robert McCrie

SEEK:  Vacant

Sociology: Jayne Mooney